A union for full time faculty at SFCC

Over the last few months, the organizing committee has spoken with nearly all full time faculty on campus about our work as faculty members here at SFCC. What you have said in those conversations has been truly inspiring: we all care deeply about our programs, our classes, this college, the community of Santa Fe, and, most importantly, the students we serve.

At the same time, these conversations have also revealed that many of us recognize the desire for a stronger, more effective faculty voice at SFCC in order to constructively solve issues like workload, to establish fair and transparent processes, and to ensure that we continue to maintain high quality programs.  As we have found, a large majority of full-time faculty members believe that forming a union with a collective bargaining agreement is one of the best ways we can positively and productively solve these issues. Therefore, we are excited to announce that SFCC-AAUP is going public with this mission. This week, we are taking the first steps toward building a union for full time faculty at SFCC.


Please join us next Friday, November 18th at 3pm, at the Institute for American Indian Arts for a union campaign meeting about forming a union for full-time faculty at SFCC. 

  • Meet the Organizing Committee and our AAUP representatives
  • Hear about the issues facing faculty and why this is the critical moment for us to unionize
  • Hear from faculty at other unionized AAUP campuses and learn about their experiences
  • Learn the steps it will take for us to win union recognition
  • Learn about signing a Union Authorization Card and what that means
  • Ask any questions you like

We look forward to seeing you there! Afternoon coffee and snacks will be served.

The SFCC-AAUP Organizing Committee


Directions to IAIA from SFCC

The Institute of American Indian Arts is located at 83 A Van Nu Po, Santa Fe, NM 87508

Head Southwest on Richards Ave. toward Rancho Viejo. Turn right on Avenida Del Sur, and continue until you reach A Van Nu Po. Turn Left on A Van Nu Po. The IAIA entrances will be on your left. Park in any of the lots near Building 4, the Center for Lifelong Learning. The meeting will be in Room 201, The Commons.