SFCC-AAUP March 2019 Updates



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From: Santa Fe Community College AAUP
Date: Mon, Mar 25, 2019 at 5:00 PM
Subject: AAUP Update: March 25

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome back from Spring Break! Here is your SFCC-AAUP update for the week of March 25th. In this week’s update:

  • Update: Last Best Offer Submitted to Administration
  • New: Upcoming Contract Action
  • Update: Evaluation/Observation of Adjunct Faculty
  • New: Presidential Search Update
  • New: SFCC-AAUP Website and Grant Award from National AAUP

The following issues were addressed at our all-faculty meeting held on Friday, March 15th.

Update: Last Best Offer Submitted to Administration

SFCC-AAUP has officially submitted its “Last Best Offer” to the SFCC Administration, and the administration has officially rejected our offer. This means that “impasse” has officially been triggered and the parties will return to mediation. The dates for mediation are being solidified and are likely to take place sometime during the month of April, if not very early May. We will keep you updated about potential dates as we learn more.

While we hope that our parties can come to further agreement at the bargaining table during mediation, we also recognize that should the administration choose not to budge, we have already made much progress together, “TA-ing” on several important articles. These mutually agreed upon, TA’ed articles are very unlikely to change even if we proceed to arbitration. Furthermore, no matter the administration’s attitude toward negotiating now, we have now—and will always have for the life of our union—a continual and equal voice in negotiating the impact of decisions made regarding our working conditions. Each contract will formally come up for negotiation in a cyclical way, meaning that in years to come, we will have regular opportunities to negotiate mandatory subjects, including compensation and other working conditions. Each time our parties return to the table, we will have the opportunity to build on and improve the existing contract.

New: Upcoming Contract Action—Working toward proper workload as well as equitable compensation

As we anticipate the upcoming mediation between our negotiations team and the administration’s, SFCC-AAUP will be organizing some actions to help educate our community and to encourage our governing board to show Santa Fe how it intends to enact the pro-union stance it’s maintained during past board meetings. Please be on the lookout for ways that you can participate in these important activities, and please let us know by replying to this email if you know of community members who might be willing to send a letter to our board in support of unions, in general, and our union in particular as we work toward basic manageable workloads as well as equitable compensation. The next Governing Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 27th at 5:30. Please join other union members in making public comments, asking that the Governing Board encourage the administration to approach mediation as an opportunity to embrace a collaborative approach to faculty’s working conditions.

Update: Evaluation/Observation of Adjunct Faculty

As many of you know, full-time faculty have been made aware of the administration’s plan to implement a new system of adjunct faculty evaluation/observation. Many full-time faculty already participate in the observation of adjuncts. Because this has never been systematized, though, nor is the process included in policy, the implementation of such observation has varied greatly from school to school. SFCC-AAUP contacted Vice President Margaret Peters, noting that because there was no procedure formerly outlined for adjunct observations, imposing one now would be a violation of status quo. We suggested, instead, that the issue be included in formal bargaining as a part of our current contract negotiations or that a special negotiation session be held outside of contract negotiations. We recently received a reply from V.P. Peters explaining that the administration expects full-time faculty to adhere to the new procedure and will not negotiate it. SFCC-AAUP maintains that this is a clear violation of status quo and of the right of the union to bargain the impact such decisions impose on our current working conditions. The members of SFCC-AAUP present at the March 15th meeting voted unanimously to authorize union leadership to continue demanding to bargain the impact of this decision.

New: Presidential Search Update

The union, along with other governance groups on campus, has formally objected to the candidacy of Raul Rodriquez based upon his fraught history, discovered only after his recommendation as a finalist. In a concerted email to governing board member Martha Romero, Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, and SFCC-AAUP explained our concerns and included links to many easily-accessible articles on Rodriquez. The Santa Fe New Mexican also ran an article on Rodriquez: https://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/education/faculty-raises-concerns-about-candidate-for-santa-fe-community-college/article_556076dd-1af1-5aa4-8069-94c0079e9576.html

While the article suggests that the opposition to Rodriguez only consists of a few “disgruntled faculty members,” SFCC-AAUP maintains that our college deserves a president that is completely scandal-free, and we embrace the remaining presidential candidates who have no such negative record.

Finally, SFCC-AAUP thanks Faculty Senate for allowing our leadership to participate in the small-group conversations held between the presidential candidates and the college’s governance groups. Although the administration included the union in the formal representation on the Presidential Search Advisory Committee, it did not include us in the small-group meetings. We are grateful to Faculty Senate for giving us a voice in this important process.

New: SFCC-AAUP Website, Grant Award from National AAUP, and AAUP Summer Institute

SFCC-AAUP’s website is up and running a newly updated! Feel free to check it out: https://aaupsfcc.wordpress.com/. Also, we are happy to announce that we have received a $525 grant from our national office. Finally, if you might be interested in attending the AAUP Summer Institute, consider applying for professional development funding. Here is a link to the Summer Institute website: https://www.aaup.org/event/2019-aaupaaup-cbc-summer-institute

As always, feel free to contact us with any ideas, questions, or concerns.

SFCC-AAUP Executive Committee


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