SFCC-AAUP July 2019 Updates


From: Santa Fe Community College AAUP
Date: July 31, 2019 at 2:22:08 PM MDT
Subject: Update: New Contracts Available

Dear Colleagues,

As we begin looking toward the beginning of the fall semester, SFCC-AAUP wanted to let you know that our new faculty contracts are available to be signed. Depending upon your position on or off of the “step matrix,” if you are a faculty member who was a part of the union’s bargaining unit during the last fiscal year, you should either be receiving an 8% raise (3% plus 5%) or you should move up three steps on the matrix. If you were not a member of the bargaining unit during the previous fiscal year, you should receive either an additional 5% raise (added to the 3% you should have already received last fiscal year) or two additional steps on the salary matrix. If you notice any discrepancies on your contract, please notify us as soon as possible.

And just in case you need clarification, a “bargaining unit member” is someone who successfully completed their first year of probationary status. So if you were in your first year of probation last fiscal year or if you were temporary status, you were not considered a “bargaining unit member” at that time.

Thank you, and wishing you a wonderful beginning of August!

SFCC-AAUP Executive Committee