SFCC-AAUP June 2019 Updates



From: Santa Fe Community College AAUP
Date: June 19, 2019 at 8:55:46 PM MDT
Subject: Update: Initial Pay Increases

Dear Colleagues,
We wanted to inform you that we have received notification from the college that the initial pay increase for faculty (originally scheduled to go out with the May 10th and May 24th paychecks) will be made this Friday, either as a part of our June 21st paychecks or as a separate payment on the same date.
Each bargaining unit member should also receive a note from the college detailing this one-time increase, noting whether it repre sents a progression in “steps” on the salary matrix or a 3% raise.
This increase will apply to all faculty who are “core” or who are in their second year of probation (i.e. bargaining unit members). These faculty members are encouraged to check their email and their paychecks on the 21st in order to make sure that increases are, indeed, received. If for some reason your increase does not appear as it should, please let us know by replying to this email. As the college explained, the process for completing this pay change was a complicated one, resulting in the delay. Thank you all for your patience!
Wishing you wonderful summers, whether you’re teaching or taking some well-deserved time off!
SFCC-AAUP Executive Committee


From: Santa Fe Community College AAUP
Date: June 14, 2018 at 6:25:05 PM MDT
Subject: AAUP Press Release: June 14

Dear Colleagues,

We hope that you’re all having enjoyable summers so far, whether you’re teaching or spending time away from campus. We wanted to let you know that SFCC-AAUP distributed the following press release today as a supplement to our previous press release. While SFCC-AAUP had not initially intended to go to the press with our concerns, because the administration decided to initiate this process by distributing its own press release, we felt that it was necessary to respond. If you would like to see the administration’s “fact sheet,” you may access it here: https://www.sfcc.edu/press/cbfactsheet/

Here is our own second release, sent today:

14 June 2018

SFCC-AAUP Fact Sheet on Collective Bargaining

* SFCC-AAUP and the College agree to a bargaining agenda before each session, which includes both counterproposal and new proposal topics.

* SFCC went off-agenda when it provided a full package proposal after the session dedicated to ground rules had concluded on December 7th, 2017. This package proposal is largely copied and pasted from CNM’s contract, some of which, including work hours, appears in the staff portion of the contract rather than the faculty’s.

* SFCC’s Governing Board voted on April 25th to set aside an aggregate amount of money for negotiating compensation with SFCC-AAUP. The amount roughly equates to the 3% increases for faculty included in the union.

* Despite the Governing Board’s vote, the college notified SFCC-AAUP that they intend to exclude union members from compensation increases, unless the union ratifies its first contract in June.

* SFCC-AAUP subsequently notified the college that it is willing to waive all legal objections to giving its members 3% increases on the same July 1st date as everyone else.

* SFCC’s plan would mean administration intends to exclude teachers from salary increases and give themselves and other SFCC employees increases, effective July 1, 2018, even as the NM State Legislature has allocated an increase in the “instructional category.”

* SFCC-AAUP has shared the perspective with administration that because negotiations appear to be moving slowly, a potential exclusion from compensation increases, pending a summer ratification of the contract, is concerning because it appears to be the product of an aggressive negotiating strategy, counter-productive to the union’s primary objective of maintaining positive relations in the college’s teaching and learning environment. SFCC-AAUP’s goal is mutually respectful dialogue and shared decision-making.

* Additionally, because the majority of full-time faculty are not paid or contracted to be on campus in June and July, SFCC-AAUP intends to wait to ratify the contract until all faculty are back on campus. Most full-time contracts resume in August. The union values sufficient opportunity for full participation and democratic process for members during this important first-contract ratification.

* In December 2017, the union suggested the teams meet once a week for 8-hour sessions, and the college declined, opting instead for occasional half-day sessions. SFCC has only just recently decided it wants to meet for weekly 8-hour sessions.

* While SFCC-AAUP appreciates the progress made in negotiations, SFCC-AAUP continues to advocate for an increase in partnership in developing contract language that is fair and addresses the concerns of both parties, as well as the needs of our students.

Santa Fe Community College-AAUP (SFCC-AAUP) represents full-time faculty at Santa Fe Community College, who voted 93% in support of unionization, officially winning union representation in March of 2017. The AAUP represents faculty union members at more than 80 colleges and universities nationwide.