Membership Dues and How to Become a Member

From: Santa Fe Community College AAUP
Date: Tue, Aug 28, 2018 at 5:15 PM
Subject: AAUP Bargaining Unit Reminder

Hello, Colleagues.

This message is for SFCC-AAUP Bargaining Unit Members.

We hope all is going well with you at the beginning of the semester! This is a gentle reminder regarding the payment and/or the renewal of your union membership dues. All members of SFCC-AAUP pay yearly dues, both to our local chapter (SFCC-AAUP) and to the national AAUP. You will need to pay both of these in order to be a voting member of the union.

National Dues: If you are already paying the national membership fee through monthly contributions (approx. $11-$15/month), your dues will automatically continue each year without your having to go to the website to renew the payments. However, if you pay one lump sum annually (between $126 and $172, depending on your income), you will need to go to the link below to renew your membership each year:

Local Dues: Our local chapter dues are $100 per year. We will be emailing you a reminder and a PayPal invoice when your local dues are in need of renewal. You can pay this with a personal check (made out to SFCC-AAUP) by giving it to our treasurer, Laura Rosenfeld, or you can pay online once you’ve received your invoice.

Local and national dues will assist our union in paying for legal or other costs that may arise in the coming months regarding contract negotiations or defending the rights of our members. Local dues can also be used to support functions, broader community involvement and support, and individual bargaining unit member cases and needs as well. Perhaps most importantly, though, paying your dues will allow you to fully participate in major decisions we make as a union, including the ratification of our first contract.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our chapter treasurer, Laura Rosenfeld:

Thanks, and have a great semester!

SFCC-AAUP Executive Committee